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An Invitation from the Artist

 For the enhancement and expansion of your valuable collection, reknowned artist Michael Knigin announces the availability of his work, by appointment, at the Studio and Gallery at Goodfriend Park.

Artwork by Joan Kraisky

Interpretive landscapes of the East End’s natural beauty combine light, gesture and impression.
Various mediums include photography, watercolor, drawing, oils and prints.

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Many of my Images are created by hand as original collages, then scanned into the computer, manipulated and colorized; other images are created solely with the help of this amazing tool with its myriad of possible effects. My involvement with the computer has been going on for about six years, my involvement with painting for approximately thirty years. Imaging on the computer gives me the freedom and flexibility to create and reinterpret images that I previously created by hand as collages. I then print them as unique pieces, either on canvas, or on hand-made paper, utilizing two types of state-of-the-art digital printers, with the capacity of printing at 600 dpi and 1400 dpi, achieving amazing clarity. These printers can print from 72 inches wide to 30 feet in length. The digital process saves the immense expenses that are involved in editioning, as in lithography, or silkscreening. It also facilitates customization of one-of-a kind pieces. I use the computer as a technical vehicle for conveying my esthetic. Many times I augment the image, utilizing the vast range of possibilities that certain computer programs offer. I also combine the use of the computer with hand painting certain images to add to the surface quality and augment the color. The initial image that I create, ie, the collage (sketch), is the spontaneous personalization of my sensibilities. My vocabulary consists of images, objects and environmental elements familiar to us. The various means that I use (color, texture, photography, hand-drawings and paintings, symbols and fragmentation) create something which is unique. It affords both me and my audience the possibility of personalized interpretation as contrasted with literal interpretation. The computer becomes the press, the brush, the pencil and the paint.

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