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An Invitation from the Artist

 For the enhancement and expansion of your valuable collection, reknowned artist Michael Knigin announces the availability of his work, by appointment, at the Studio and Gallery at Goodfriend Park.

Artwork by Joan Kraisky

Interpretive landscapes of the East End’s natural beauty combine light, gesture and impression.
Various mediums include photography, watercolor, drawing, oils and prints.

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In my paintings and graphics I seek to isolate objects from their mundane contexts and reorganize them, thereby granting them a new life. I select colors, textures and forms which complement the natural forms I use; however, these artistic elements are present to reiterate the fact that I am involved in the creation of something new, not replicating nature's truth. My concern with themes of comparison is continually running through my works: man and nature, his continual encroachment on natural and the schism that creates, the dehumanization of mankind, the old and the new/the classical and the elegant in the mainstream of contemporary culture. This language is not a new one. the vocabulary consists of objects and environmental elements familiar to us, but through the various elements that I use (color, texture, symbol and fragmentation) this creation of something that is entirely new further affords both me and my audience the possibility of interpretation and personalization as contrasted with literal repetition.

My involvement with the computer has been going on for about two years. My involvement with painting for approximately thirty. Imaging on the computer gives me the freedom and flexibility to create and reinterpret images that previously created by hand as collages, and print them as unique prints without the immense expense or involvement with editioning. I use the computer as a technical vehicle for my esthetic. Though I sometimes augment the image utilizing the vast range of possibilities that certain computer programs offer. But, in general, I feel that the initial image that I create, ie: the collage (sketch) is the spontaneous, personalization of my sensibilities and the computer the press, the brush, or the paint.

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